BSR Projetos Empresariais has been providing advisory services for Brazilian and international clients since 1984. We have advised clients of all sizes and sector with our expertise the Brazilian and South-American markets. BSR differentiates itself from traditional advisors in that it has:

  • Hands on partners sharing their expertise in each step of you project!
  • A wide network of contact in to answer the financial, technical and legal aspects of each client’s needs, regardless of economic sector and size of your endeavour.
  • Unchallenged expertise is some fields such as Agribusiness and Commodities markets.
  • Qualitative and investigative market research capabilities, particularly in Health, Technology, Automotive sectors, providing exceptional service to foreign investors in Brazil.

We adapt our various services to the needs of our clients since our very first day, not the other way around. We are focused in delivering timely and cost conscious services defined in conjunction with the client: Valuation and M&A advisory, Business Plan, Debt Restructuring, Market Research amongst others. We do not sell a portfolio, we structure an answer.

BSR’s partners manage multi-discipline team, brought together according to the specifications of each project, including legal advice and any other technical skills.