Banco Steubing AG and BSR - A new avenue for Brazilian exporters

We are pleased to announce the new partnership between Banco Steubing AG and BSR to provide Brazilian exporters with new opportunities to grow their businesses through an innovative format for Forfating transactions. Through this partnership, BSR customers will be able to discount their receivables related to their international sales in a fast way, with mitigation of the risk of settlement of the corresponding invoices and competitive cost.

The excessive concentration of the Brazilian banking market has led to a natural decrease in the supply of products and services to an important segment of the Brazilian economy: the medium and small companies, which, in many cases even being traditional exporters, do not receive from their banks financing according to this tradition, neither in terms of tenor nor in cost.

Forfaiting transactions bring to the export market a parallel with FIDC operations, which have become an important tool for Brazilian companies to finance their receivables. We can now offer equivalent instruments for your exports.

BSR and Steubing AG are pleased with this new cooperation reflecting their confidence in the Brazilian market and invite exporters to contact BSR. BSR will analyse your case and hope to assist you to successfully enhance your international business performance.